The Worcester County Sheriff’s Civil Process Office is responsible for serving civil process to the citizens and businesses of the cities and towns in Worcester County.  Civil Process employees are Deputy Sheriffs and are trained in the requirements and ramifications of serving civil process.

There is a fee for our office to serve civil process papers to an individual or a business within Worcester County.  Please call our office to determine the cost of having your documents served. Documents must be received by 10:00 AM in order to be served the same day.

The fees paid by attorneys and plaintiffs fund the office’s operation, resulting in zero cost to taxpayers. If revenues exceed expenses, a percentage of profit is paid to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Trained professionalism and fast, efficient service are hallmarks of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Civil Process office.

Civil Process Deputies, who are trained, uniformed and possess police powers, have authority to cover all towns in Worcester County. Since our deputies travel daily throughout Worcester County towns, we are able to provide quick and timely service in serving documents.

Anyone may contact the office if they need to have papers served (including legal documents, letters, notice of court dates, and eviction notices). If you have questions regarding court papers or documents you received from our office, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you. The Civil Process division is not permitted to offer legal advice, although we can explain procedures, including the process of evicting a tenant from an apartment or dwelling.